"It’s so nice to hear that things are going well at LOMSAA.  Every time I drop my daughter off or pick her up from school I thank God for the blessing that LOMSAA and all of you were for us.  I can’t imagine how much trepidation I’d have each day if I didn’t believe that she has a deeply rooted faith in God and that you taught her how to deal with things she sees and hears at school each day now."  P Family

"My son came from a private Christian elementary school to LOMSAA, and the 2 years he spent there not only grounded him in his relationship with Christ, but he grew so much confidence in himself & who God made him to be. He is a strong, confident Christian young man. It has been 2 years since he graduated, and to this day he says he wishes he could attend LOMSAA again because he loved it so much."   L Family

"LOMSAA has left a huge impact on our family. We have grown so much over the last couple of years. God is pouring His blessings out on His children when we seek Him first in all we do. We will keep in touch for sure and I'm sure we will run into each other again very soon." Class of 2013 Graduated Family

"A neat story I wanted to share with you that I learned when I was talking with one of my daughter's college roommates recently. Her friends constantly ask her to proofread their papers and help with sentence structure and report paper format, etc. So her roommate finally asked her one day, "why are you so good at English?" My daughter's response was that she had the most amazing English teacher named Mrs. Gourley who taught her the proper way to write and now it just comes naturally." Bob

"Time and time again, Sam's wonderful experience at LOMSAA comes forward as a contributor to who she is today!  She left LOMSAA with a heart for the soul of others and she has taken that with her into high school.  She is working on starting a teacher/student spritual mentoring program at her high school and has shared the gospel with several of her classmates.  She is confident in her faith and knew that was the first place to go as she faced all the difficulties of our move to northern California. The amazing thing about LOMSAA wasn't just the curriculum or the learning approach (although they were great!), it was a circle of wonderful adults, both parents and teachers, who became a support system for her.  She knew that at any time, she had an entire group of people she could seek advice, direction and encouragement from.  Those adults didn't help us craft new excuses to stay where she was, but instead helped her take the next step to becoming the woman God wants her to be. I want to offer a special thanks to Mrs. C., who really helped the kids dig into their faith and convictions.  This was exactly what our daughter needed before entering a large (1500+)  Christian High School.  She had her "compass" set and was prepared as she has navigated temptations and distractions." The E Family

"I would just like to tell you how much my son has grown this past year. I told him, wouldn't it be great if LOMSAA went all the way through high school? To my great surprise, he said no. He looked me in the eye and said , I am being trained to go out and change the world. I can't do that from here. He has so much love and respect for both you and Mrs.  Knudsen and since he is quiet, I thought I would let you guys know what a profound impact you have had on him. May God continue to bless you." The L Family

" I just wanted to take this opportunity to say what a blessing you and your faculty are in our lives. Thank you for your tireless effort in training up the next generation disciples for Christ. It is so beautiful to see the way you pour out Christ love on our children. It is remarkable the way your staff balances grace and accountability. We are so grateful to be a part of LOMSAA." The M. Family

"Mrs. Gourley, I can't find the words to properly describe what my heart feels for you.  God blessed us the day we met you and your impact on our family is forever.  Your grace, wisdom, calm, leadership and faith have just poured into us. There have been so many lessons that have made an impact on me and my son.  No matter what the situations you approached it with grace and mercy. You take each student (and parents too) and find their shining light.  You then pour into them so that their light shines brighter and in the end, together is just the most magnificent and brilliant light.  It's God's love through you and in you that makes you so special and impactful.  You act according to God's will which has blessed us a million times over. You are always in our hearts and remembered with profound fondness." T.M.

LOMSAA Director Laurie Gourley does more than direct---she prays,  teaches, encourages, listens, advises and prioritizes the emotional, academic and spiritual needs of her student body, parents, teachers and families. In an effort to teach students biblical principals and how to prepare for defending their faith when the world challenges their biblical view of the world, she has integrated devotions, weekly Pastor-led messages, student band/worship and scripture memorization that starts at the top of the school day and weaves throughout. That same focused attention also shows up in the one-to-one attention Laurie provides parents. I for one am one of those parents whom Laurie has helped encourage in both the academic and emotional shaping of my child. Laurie has also shared in shouldering decisions by advocating and attending district meetings on my behalf and by prayerfully coming alongside our family with input and suggestions relative to my child’s academic needs. I have seen Laurie do the same for many other parents with love, willingness and intention. I am incredibly grateful for Laurie who aims to help steer the school and parents through prayer, warmth and accepting dialogue, an open mind to new and different ideas and approaches, discussion and careful thought. In an effort to create community on both the adult and student level, Laurie also spearheads parenting group discussions and women’s bible/book studies where she also has the opportunity to offer perspective relative to parenting and child development of today’s youth. In addition to wanting to provide the best and most meaningful learning experiences for students through hands-on learning experiences, in depth projects such as the (biblical) study of creation over a 7-day period, project-based learning opportunities, science fairs, life skills classes taught by professionals in their fields and field trips, Laurie has demonstrated a personal commitment to the broad education the LOMSAA community offers. Laurie goes beyond director but serves as shepherd, counselor and friend to us all. 

I would like to express my gratitude and encourage you in your work for Christ. My son graduated from LOMSAA in 2014, the third class. Later he got baptized in his first year of high school. He is now a 2nd Lieutenant of Space Force after graduating from the United States Air Force Academy in May. He will continue graduate school at MIT in the Fall. The way you support the students through your loving, caring, praying, guiding, and teaching, makes a difference in those teenagers' hearts. You have been planting Gospel seeds in their hearts. I thank God you answered His call to teach the next generation to walk in His truth. May God continue blessing you through your service.

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