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What is LOMSAA?

The Living Oaks Middle School Academic Alliance is a  cooperative venture initiated by parents, incorporated under its own 501(c)3 as a California non-profit organization. Students are engaged in a program which incorporates academics, character development, and life experiences to provide an environment of learning which is designed to promote spiritual development and academic discipline for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.

Why middle school?

Middle school is a vitally important time for shaping the future of each child.  We endeavor to create each class as a safe, emotionally nurturing and caring environment where each student is able to fulfill their potential in Christ.  We desire to see our students become young ambassadors for Christ and already we are seeing this with the current class. 

How do you "teach religion?"

We don't. We model a living faith, and train up students according to God's principles as set forth in His Word. The most important way we do this is through our Lifeskills and Discipleship Training. We are doing things with these kids that no other middle school delivery system is able to in the amount of time we have--giving students a daily focus and continual "reset" on the Lord throughout the day. Our objectives are designed to do this, our resources are dedicated to providing this.

How is this different from other Christian academic programs?

The results speak for themselves. Our current students are so excited to share their faith...they are hungry to fulfill the Great Commission.  They are being taught Apologetics, and daily how to integrate their faith into real life.  They are being challenged to test out their belief system and see how it compares with other religions and life philosophies. They wrestle with their self-concept and their actions from a Christian perspective, and are given opportunity to do so with reflective journaling, discussions, scripture study and guided devotions--this is part of their normal everyday experience, rather than relegated to a "religion class" or rote memorization. God's word becomes alive and relevant to them on a day-to-day basis--and we have seen the fruit of that!

Is it more like a casual homeschool PROGRAM? Or more like a private school classroom?

Both and neither; this middle school program is truly like no other! Our goal is to provide the best of the structure of a classroom experience and the best of the intimacy of a homeschool environment. Our students are raised in community of Christian families who share in their desire to actively participate in their son or daughter's development into young adulthood. But unlike a traditional homeschool program, the students participate in a structured classroom setting, with classes meeting daily. LOMSAA has employed dynamic accredited teachers that ensure their students are completing their assignments and staying on track with each course.   We work hard on organizational skills so that assignments are not misplaced, binders are organized, and day planners stay current.  Removing the chaos helps students to find success academically.

What are the tangible goals of the 3-year program?

Beyond academic advancement and ability to keep pace with the best of their peers, we desire for students to be solid in their walk with the Lord and in their ability to speak about their faith when they leave to go to high school--whether public or private. We believe God has uniquely gifted each student with the potential to bring glory to Him by serving in leadership/service capacities in various roles. So we pair Lifeskills training with experiences through which students put what they learn into practice. For example, we have developed a unique rotational Student Government program which gives EVERY student experience in being responsible for the well-being of the whole during the school year. We have also emphasize the ideal of being Christ's heart, hands and feet in the world by encouraging growth in character and skills through volunteer services which bless others. We not only provide the opportunities, we provide the training, equipping and tools for personal growth, so that each student may leave with a track record of their accomplishments here, plus the mindset, ability and desire to continue the path.

How many students will you be accepting?

We aim for a maximum of 20 students in each of our classes.

When and where will the class meet?

Our class currently meets daily from 8:15am-2:30pm at NPFCC, 801 Knollwood Drive, Newbury Park CA 91320. There may be "Independent Study Days" as determined by our Program Director, where students complete their work at home to free up class time for excursions, etc.

What are you looking for in the interview process?

We know there are many viable choices for middle school students in our community, and we certainly do not want to take away from those whom God has called elsewhere--each program has its own merits. And certainly there will be some families with certain needs or preferences which we are unable to serve. What we are looking for is families who CATCH THE VISION. We want parents who are not quite satisfied with the options out there for intensive preparation for the journey ahead. Who want to pour into their students the essential skills for living the Christian life effectively.  We want parents who are not just looking for a place to drop off their kids and be uninvolved, but are excited about being an active part of their son or daughter’s middle school years.

How much does it cost?

Our fees are based on factors such as number of students enrolled, teacher's salaries, and classroom location.  For what these students receive, and if you comparatively shop other private middle school alternatives, it’s an unbelievable bargain. Fees will cover curriculum supervision, Lifeskills, books, in-class tutoring, PE, etc. As is customary for most private middle schools, fees do not include hot lunch, teacher gifts, non-curriculum related books/supplies, outdoor education, outside recreation classes/electives, music/athletics fees, etc. For more information, please email

Why should I consider LOMSAA over some of the other choices out there?

As any parent who has been through this process before, you may discover that the middle school options in this community are limited, for a variety of reasons, and oftentimes costly. Even if you were planning a different course for your son or daughter for middle school, we encourage you to at least consider this program as a potential option--hear from our Director, the parents, and kids themselves what we have to offer.  We’d love to tell you more about it--If this FAQ's page does not answer your question, please send an e-mail to

What can a homeschooled student gain from this program?

Traditional homeschooling obviously provides the most parental influence and individualized experience for a student. What our program adds is a daily social component and a healthy group dynamic which enhances the student's development, at a time when social skills and "finding my place in the group" are at the forefront of their minds. They learn what it's like to be a vital part of a body of believers. They are given positive peer influences and an "other"-focused outlook. They understand other perspectives and personalities different from their own, which all add up to a rich body life and cooperative problem solving. Best of all, they gain the support and influence of a community of other believers, establishing a more public identity in Christ, and contributing as a whole to do more than a single family is able to do on their own.

How can a homeschooled student benefit academically by the LOMSAA program?

ASIDE from the daily and weekly LifeSkills, Discipleship and Social Development mentioned above, he/she will reap the benefit of: 
    a. Onsite regular math tutoring by our credentialed and gifted teachers. 
    b. Creative history lessons by seasoned parents with a passion for US and World History, weaving in the Christian context.
    c. Hands-on science labs.
    d. Study skills, tips, and a built-in study group to help in gaining independent learning skills for high school.
    e. Curriculum planned out and scheduled for you, including daily work assignments and subject selection to meet mandated CA state standards.
    f. PE option within a positive peer group.
    g. Standardized testing scheduled for seamless transition into higher education.
    h. Logic & Apologetics: Weekly emphasis in articulating their faith in everyday and academic arenas, impromptu.
    i. Thinking Skills: LOMSAA students learn to listen well, learn well, and speak well.
These are all things that if you are homeschooling on your own, you would have to do yourself. We have found that the collective experience of all the various adults involved far outweigh the gifting of any individual family.

How can I find out more about your program?

If you have a particular concern about your student or if you have questions about the classroom and LOMSAA programming, please email us at

We believe God already knows the families whom He has chosen to share in this adventure with us.

Your job is to find out if it's YOU! As with all major decisions in life, please pray for direction and ask for the Lord's confirmation. Read our Mission Statement and Statement of Faith, which describes who we are and what we stand for.  If anything you read resonates with you, and this fits with what you want for your son or daughter for middle school, then we welcome the opportunity to talk more with you!

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